Sat Jan 18: Practice cancelled
Zero degrees at the top (so likely several degrees below zero at the bottom) and the wind gusts are high and increasing. Currently gusting at 17mph, making it feel like -14 F out there.

Sun Jan 19: Devos practice potentially but unlikely
The area forecast for Skiland shows a high that is five degrees colder than today. We had already planned a potential extra day for Jan 19, so hopefully some people will join us if the weather changes to something other than what is forecasted. We can send out a message to confirm go/no-go in the morning again.

Mon Jan 20: Devos practice hopefully
Monday is a school holiday and enough coaches are also available that we’d like to invite all DEVOS up on Monday so we can try to at least get started with a coaching session. If some parents have to work but kids are available, we could hopefully figure out some ride sharing.

It would be great to hear how many DEVOS could make it and whether or not they would need a ride. So that everyone else doesn’t receive all of the email traffic regarding Monday, parents of DEVOS please send a new email to to let us know if your child is available to go to this practice, but also please let us know if your child is not available.