FASC will be hosting its annual fundraiser Saturday, April 14, from 11am until the lift closes. FASC athletes are encouraged to solicit pledges for the number of vertical feet they ski between 11 am until close. Athletes can download forms here ski a thon flyer and ski a thon pledge sheet or pick-up forms at the FASC’s Race Office at Ski Land.

Pledge Levels:
Denali Level – over 20,000 vertical feet ($40.00)
Ski Land Level – between 10,000 and 19,000 vertical feet ($20.00)
Snowplow Level – up to 9,000 vertical feet ($10.00)

Flat pledge amount will be accepted irrelevant of the number of vertical feet skied. All funds raised will go directly to supporting our program. 


If you would like to donate, there are several ways you can donate to this fundraiser:
1. sponsor a racer
2. contact us at info@fairbanksalpine.org
3. drop money off at the FASC Race Building at Ski Land (Saturdays 10-3)
4. donate to the collection jar at the top of the lift on April 14
5. donate now through PayPal (if you would like to sponsor a racer through PayPal, please put athlete’s name in the notes)



FASC is a non-profit organization, pledges are tax deductible. Thanks for supporting your local aspiring ski racers!


Logan Ricketts (1967–2016) was a Cleary Summit athlete and FASC coach. He started the annual FASC Ski-a-Thon fundraiser.