Our Mission

The Fairbanks Alpine Ski Club (formerly Moose Mountain Alpine Sports Club) is a youth and young adult alpine ski racing program based at Ski Land but also trains at Moose Mountain and Birch Hill ski areas.

The objective of the program is to teach the elements of alpine ski racing and provide opportunities for the skier to participate in organized racing events and camps.

The philosophy of the program is by developing the skills and technique necessary for ski racing, the result will be highly confident skier in any conditions, with strong technical abilities, that loves to ski for a lifetime. Consequently, our in depth methodological approach focuses on a long term and sustained skill development of state of the art alpine skiing techniques of our members.


The Fairbanks Alpine Ski Club (FASC), formerly known as the Moose Mountain Alpine Sports Club (MMASC), is a Fairbanks-wide promoter and developer of youth alpine skiing and all other related snow sports. Our name change was only one piece of the puzzle and valiant efforts to sustain downhill skiing and snow sports in Fairbanks. Fairbanks is home to one of the northern-most locations of organized ski racing in the world. FASC was established in 1993 (as MMASC) with the mission of offering alpine ski racing and coaching to children and young adults in interior Alaska, at Moose Mountain Ski Area. Ski racing, a thriving sport in Fairbanks since the sixties, at one time had as many as 100 kids total, enrolled in two ski programs (MMASC+FAST). Ski racing certainly has had its challenges to overcome during years of low snow, extremely cold winters, and fluctuations in program participation. Nevertheless, FASC has prevailed over these challenges and has continued to deliver its core mission. Now as FASC, the program keeps adding to the long tradition of the ski team and the fascinating sport of alpine ski racing in Fairbanks. Everyone that has been a member of the ski team can tell the tale of the inspiring atmosphere and camaraderie of a family of lifelong friends year by year.

2017–2018 Board of Directors

  • Reini Neuhauser, President
  • Tara Bellion, Vice President
  • Brendan LaBelle-Hamer, Treasurer
  • Dawn Montano, Secretary
  • Mark Lockwood, Seat E
  • Sarah Conn, Seat F
  • Matthew Whitman, Seat G


Reini Neuhauser


Dave Mineau
Mark Lockwood


I began skiing and climbing in the mid-70’s. Since 1980, I’ve lived in Alaska, working as a geologist. I’m a former president of the Alaskan Alpine Club and the Alaska Alpine Rescue Group. I’ve assisted with glacial research projects in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. Currently, I’m the Senior Principal Geologist with Shannon & Wilson, Inc. in Fairbanks, conducting environmental and geotechnical projects throughout Alaska. I’ve taught basic climbing skills, glacier travel, and rescue techniques and have been an Avalanche Awareness Instructor for the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety since 2003.

Tara Bellion


Dawn Montano